SALON 2010 Versailles 

15th annual international gathering of decorative painters


From 8 to 11 April 2010, the Versailles’ City Hall was the scene of the fifteenth International Exhibition of Decorative Painting.

This event, both cultural and educational, beautifully served by the history of Versailles, was held in a sumptuous architectural and gathered around the "Sun", the theme of the exhibition, over one hundred decorative painters from 16 different countries.

The demonstrations, which took place at the School of Fine Arts and  at the Municipal Archives, have revealed to both public and participants, the richness and the diversity of the skills.

At the same time, a common mural, orchestrated by Patrick Kirwin, was donated to the Versailles' City museum.

Guided visits to the Real Court Tennis and the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs, major places full of history and decorative paintings, were also organized.

The Chateau de Versailles gave its support to the event by inviting us to visit personally and graciously its permanent collections.

To mark the opening dinner at the Hotel de Ville, Mr De Mazieres Mayor of Versailles, inaugurated the event referring in his speech that the history of Versailles was closely linked with these women and men, craftsperson of art, who, thanks to their talent, have contributed to the magnificence of the castle and of its reputation in the whole world.

The closing dinner was held in a festive atmosphere and the singing of the Vikings has resonated to the heart of the Chateau de Versailles nearby.

My warmest thanks to all of you, who illuminated still more the Royal City.

Jean Sablé

























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