Located at Versailles, the french home for decorative fine art, the mural art studio produces, to order, a wide range of "trompe l'oeil" and decorative paintings for interior wall-decoration.

This studio, run under the artistic direction of Jean SABLE, comprises a dozen decorative painters and gilders of great skill.

Most of these atists were trained by Jean SABLE himself, in his school at Versailles and in the various places where he has hosted as a guest instructor for many years.

We work for clients who want and expect custom-made prestigious works of art using the best technical quality possible and work of exceptional beauty produced by our own expert craftsmen.

This philosophy of excellence has allowed us to work in sumptuous residences over Europe as well as in the States.



My early passion for decorative painting goes back a long way originates in previous generations of my family, and it is ibecause of this cultural heritage that I naturally took to and progressed in painting techniques.

During 1984-1985, I studied at and graduated from the flemish master school Clement VAN DER KELEN in Brussels.

I was a freelance Decorative Artiste from 1986 and have carried out many internal decorations to satisfy the various requirements of private, commercial, theatrical or event-based decoration.

In 2000, I was awarded winner of the Gold medal Competition for the "Best Craftsman in France" which is the highest award of its kind that can be achieved for decorative painting. This was presented to me by the French govrnement in the year 2000.

At the same time as carrying out my professional obligations of decorative works of art, I have taught my art to professional painters from the "Chamber of Craft" and in several art schools in Paris.

This long experience of teaching naturally led me to start my own school, in the year 2003, the SABLE SCHOOL in VERSAILLES.

Appointed as Expert at the Versailles Court of appeal, I operate closely with magistrates and lawyers by giving my expertise upon matters relating to disorders, defects or litigations concerning interior decorative and artistic finishes.

 Permanent member of the « SALON » , International Gathering of Decorative Artists (an International association of Decorative Artists), I hosted the event from April 7 to 11th in the Royal City.


National and international main realizations

Paris, Versailles, Bordeaux, Monaco, Brussels, Montréal, New York, Washington, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco.


International exhibitions

Alexandria 1998, Norrköping 1999, London 2000, Paris 2001, San Antonio 2002, Bruges 2003, Oslo 2004, Philadelphia 2005, Utrecht 2006, Aarhus 2007, Dallas 2007. Dubai 2007, Chicago 2008, Atlantic City 2008, Dubai 2008, Bergame 2008, Versailles 2010, Orlando 2010, Paris 2011, Atlanta 2011, Hampton 2011, Hambourg 2012, Tokyo 2013, Seattle 2014, Lecce 2015.


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