Decorative Painting High School of Versailles


Located downtown Versailles, and inspired by the Palace, Ecole Sablé is an Academy of Fine Art dedicated to the teaching of decorative and trompe l'oeil painting.

We offer a complete training program from 2017, October 2nd 30th to 2018, March 30th for those wishing to learn professional art of decorative painting.

The Ecole Sablé delivers a Diploma recognized by the state and the European community.

Since many years, the school has also developed international exchanges to bring the best of French decorative art style to its students.

 The technics taught are :

                        Grotesca and ornaments - Mural and ceiling art sceneries - Landscapes

    Trompe l'oeil - Grisaille - Chinoiserie - Fine faux marbles -  Precious woods and stones marquetery 




Ecole Sablé takes a great pride to provide its students the best instruction in all aspects of decorative painting. 

All lessons are given personally by Jean Sablé

The different stage of work are demonstrated step by step and commented in front of the students who then apply the principles under the tutelage of the Master.

This progressive and motivating method allows the school to welcome students from beginner to advanced levels. 

Whether teaching a landscape, an ornamantation or a trompe l'oeil, the aim is to offer our students the indispensable principles which will allow them to create their own models.

Worshops are "hands on". At the end of each course the students will have painted by themselves a complete and framable piece.

All products used during workshops are water-based, friendly environnental, fumeless and non toxic.






                                              Jean SABLE, founder and Courses headmaster

                                                        Awarded Best Crafstman of France

                                                        Expert in Versailles Court of Appeal

                                       Education Agency, Legal Agreement n° 11788164378


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